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Tough-PAC® Tablet + iPad Air Assembly

Tough-PAC® PDA + iPod Touch Assembly

About Biomaster anti-microbial technology


We do not recommend un-certified power supplies as they can give unexpected results when charging iPad. It’s best to use the original Apple 10w or 12w power supply plug for iPad. Tough-PAC's USB hub (used for PDA and CS4) has been fully EMC and safety tested to CE and FCC standards and is configured for optimal charging of iPod or iPad accordingly.

Tough-PAC® is made from plastics that incorporate an anti-microbial agent (E.g. active against MRSA, E coli and others) it may be cleaned with ALL medical grade moist anti-bacterial or mild detergent wipes. See Details  Do not fully immerse Tough-PAC in fluid. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents such as Acetone - these will damage the casing. If you require further information please get in touch with us. Contact

The silver ion antimicrobial built-in to Tough-PAC acts in 3 ways; 1. disrupts bacterial membrane development 2. interferes with bacterial cell mitochondrial energy production 3. interrupts DNA replication. These mechanisms effectively stop reproduction and/or cause bacterial death. Silver ion technology is not affected by antibiotic resistance so it remains  effective against organisms like MRSA, CRE, VRE and others. See Details

The iPad microphone does work when inside Tough-PAC but recording quality may be reduced by the casing.  Sound output is also reduced by the casing; with iPad Air, 5th or 6th generation volume is quite acceptable in a domestic setting if set 50% or greater. The best option however, is to use a Bluetooth headset/ear phones to record voice or listen to music/films. Where preferred an audio port that allows use of external headphones/microphone devices may be ordered as an optional extra.

Please check that the case screws are properly tightened and that the case easily seats down and fully into the cradle cup (it may need a extra 1/2 turn on the screws). This ensures the contacts are engaged between the case and cradle. Secondly please confirm that all cables and connections are correctly installed with no obstructions.

Most PCs & Macs do not provide adequate power to charge iPad from their USB ports but will sync, it is a limitation of the USB standard. In this case you should charge using the Apple 10w or 12w USB power supply that is provided with iPad or use one of our charge stations CS4 for iPad or USB Hub Cradle for iPod Touch.